The supply chain management platform that's

Built For Produce.

Fusionware vertically integrates operations management, procurement, logistics, information technology, sales and marketing for a cost-effective and efficient flow of information— while also providing risk mitigation, sustainability, and direct produce traceability to meet the latest regulatory standards.

Simple, sophisticated, secure—

Accessible From Anywhere.

With efficiency-first functionality for every part of your operation.

Field Management






See how Fusionware can help you optimize.

Field Management

Food safety and traceability starts at the field. That's why Fusionware supply chain life cycle is directly tied to the field and easily accessible as soon as product is shipped. Traceability is one click away inside every order (including purchase orders) once the product is shipped.

With Fusionware, you can track year-to-year data, including:


From dockside quality control samples and scale integrations to tracking both bulk and finished goods, our receiving module consolidates several software solutions into one simple tool.

Production & Inventory

Run your operation based on live real-time data, allowing you to make quick decisions and reduce production-stifling bottlenecks.

With Fusionware, optimizing your production becomes a lot easier, with tools for:


Fusionware offers a hyper-focused shipping module designed to get the right products delivered in a timely manner.

Logistics & Tracking

Fusionware enables sales, marketing, and logistics teams to see order and logistic data in one system without having to jump between multiple applications & browser tabs.


How many clicks does it take to view, find and modify order data in your current solution? Fusionware's modern, user-friendly interface makes every task more efficient so your sales team can focus on what matters most—making more sales.