for Shippers

Our shipping module makes it easy for shippers to ensure the correct shipments are loaded on the correct trucks. Enabling quick integration with scales, an easy check-in and check-out process for drivers, and in-app electronic data transfer, Fusionware is the perfect solution for speeding up the process.

Save time with

Electronic Documents

Fusionware offers fast access to create and send BOL, Confirmations, Invoices, PO’s & more, including e-signature functionality. All documents are saved securely in a cloud server, making them quickly accessible whenever you need them. Our intuitive dashboard also has a full audit log so you can see any changes or activity.

Increase efficiency with an

Integrated Order Board

We've worked directly with industry experts to build what we believe is the most efficient and easy-to-use dashboard for loads & orders. Keep things simple by showing only what is necessary, or customize your dashboard to show details from every aspect of your operation.


D. Solis

Truck Hunters, Atlanta, GA

"Compared to other TMS and Logistics Systems, Fusionware was much faster and easier to get my job done. In addition, Fusionware is not a massive bloated system so we use the majority of the features and pay significantly less and yet accomplish more."

Packed with time-saving features & integrations.

Fusionware was developed to help you save time by using cutting-edge tools without being slow or bloated.