Streamlined & designed to

Maximize Efficiency.

Fusionware was created to help manage all of the moving parts of the produce supply chain. While some businesses play one role, many businesses handle multiple steps of the process. That's why Fusionware is designed to be customizable based on your business type and the way it fits into the supply chain.

for Growers

Our platform allows produce growers to manage important parts of their operation— from plant and harvest dates to seed variety and chemicals applied. Monitor the growing conditions of each field to help you maximize the size and quality of your harvest, with efficient tools to keep track of your orders & shipments.

for Shippers

Our shipping module makes it easy for shippers to ensure the correct shipments are loaded on the correct trucks. Enabling quick integration with scales, an easy check-in and check-out process for drivers, and in-app electronic data transfer, Fusionware is the perfect solution for speeding up the process.

for Packing / Repackers

With Fusionware, moving product through the line and keeping your production organized is easy. Our custom solutions for packaging and managing your inventory help you stay on top of production timing, print & manage pallet labels, monitor inventory storage, and trace each pallet back to its original source.

for Sales & Marketing

Keep your orders flowing and your customers engaged with specialized tools for sales & marketing teams. Fusionware makes it easy for produce wholesalers, brokers, and distributors to communicate with both suppliers and customers, keeping vital, up-to-date information accessible from your fingertips.


N. Rogers

Jones & Church, Unicoi, TN

“You're wasting time and money if you don't have Fusionware. The platform is amazing, easy to get a handle on, and it has definitely made our operation more efficient."

We help produce supply chain members overcome challenges in an ever-changing landscape.

Have you been struggling to accomplish any of the following goals? Fusionware can help!