How the Collaborative for Fresh Produce is using Fusionware

The Collaborative for Fresh Produce (CFP), a non-profit collaborative for sustainable agriculture based in Dallas TX, announced receipt of a grant to automate its production with the help of Fusionware. Dallas innovates had this to say:

The Collaborative for Fresh Produce (CFP): A Dallas-based organization, the collaborative is working to ensure that produce is used to feed people in need while eliminating food waste throughout the supply chain. The grant will allow the collaborative to automate its process using Fusionware technology, which the foundation said will make food donation as simple as posting and buying on eBay. It’s a sustainable model that may one day support all of our nation’s food banks and hungry families, said Simon Powell, CFP’s president and CEO.

This infographic published by CFP shows how they’re incorporating Fusionware to transport donated produce to distribution centers and alleviate hunger in America. ( We are proud to work with our non-profit customers to bring sustainable, traceable agriculture to everyone.

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