Fusionware Release Notes 3.9.2021

This release brings a number of updates for compliance with major retailers, enhanced customization for order flow, and other quality of life updates.

  • The PTI Label UPC/PLU has been updated for compliance with Walmart and Sam’s Club.  The Style setting and the Equiv Factor now calculate case count. A black bar has been added above the GTIN barcode.  Date code and Voice Pick Code are now separated in the bottom right.
  • There is now a column on the inventory report for commodity, which is hidden by default. To see this column, enter user settings modify column display to show the commodity column.
  • There is now a flag on the commodity to show if it is produce or not.
  • Additional filters have been added to the Dashboard.         

Previous Update Notes

  • FIFO – This used to be a customer setting.  It is now a setting that you set per locations.  This allows loading inventory at one location and loading with FIFO at another.  
  • There is now a grower filter on the inventory report.  
  • A user permission has been added to limit who can undump inventory from the Source Board.            
  • The repack report may now be split out by size to show recovery by size.  

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