Milt Carter of CSS Farms Named 2021 Potato Man for All Seasons

Fusionware customer Milt Carter of CSS Farms’ was recently named The Packer’s 2021 Potato Man for All Seasons. Milt has been a true innovator in potato agriculture for decades, and this praise is rightfully deserved.

From the article:

“With partner Randy Spevak, Carter began CSS Farms in 1986, and produced the company’s first crop of russet potatoes for a nearby french fry plant. CSS Farms soon expanded into chip potato production with farms in Nebraska and Texas. CSS Farms now has a footprint that includes 350 full-time employees in 19 farm operations in 11 states. At the end of 2018, Carter stepped down as CEO of the company but remains its chairman.”

The Packer’s 2021 Potato Man for All Seasons

Congratulations to Milt and the entire team at CSS Farms. We’re proud to partner with you and other innovative growers.

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